Discover this transformative guide toward an empowered and sustainable relationship with food and your body.

Join Registered Dietitian, Certified Eating Disorders Specialist, and food therapist Lisa D. Ellis as she explores the connection between emotions, habits, and physical satisfaction, rejecting the toxic ideals of diet culture and eliminating the blame and shame often associated with food. Offering a combination of nutritional and therapeutic guidance, Why Did I Just Eat That? empowers readers struggling with disordered eating to facilitate a fundamental reframing of their relationship with food… on their own terms.

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Why Did I just Eat That? book cover

Structured in three transformative parts, Why Did I Just Eat That? How to Let Go of Emotional Eating and Heal Your Relationship with Food is a guide to an individual pathway of self-awareness, self-discovery and effective self-correction.

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Part 1

Your Eating Issue is Not Your Fault: But Healing is Up to You

Discover a refreshing perspective on why our ancient ancestors’ limited access to vital food elements like fats, carbs, and sugars has shaped our relationship with food today. Learn why releasing misplaced blame and shame surrounding our relationship with food is the first step toward healing and transformation.

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Part 2

What Type of Eater Are You?

Explore your own eating patterns, behaviors, and food-related issues through a self-diagnostic quiz. Uncovering the underlying factors that drive your relationship with food provides a powerful starting point for self-reflection and personal breakthroughs.

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Part 3

Guided Self-Correction

Once you understand your specific eating type, dive deep into proven-effective exercises and processes tailored to each type of eater. This section equips you with practical step-by-step tools and strategies to break free from destructive habits and cultivate a harmonious, empowered connection with food.

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Part 4

Next Steps

Features insights and suggestions on how to maintain an ongoing positive relationship with food. Included are non-food ways to self-soothe during moments of stress or discomfort. Also offered: access to bonus material, such as yoga instruction videos and guided meditation audio tracks.

Why Did I Just Eat That? How to Let Go of Emotional Eating and Heal Your Relationship with Food, say goodbye to guilt and self-blame, and say hello to making nourishing choices from a place of self-compassion and empowerment!

Why Did I Just Eat That? is a motivating, heart-warming, and educational book full of inspiring information! For those who want to understand and make meaningful, values-driven steps towards a respectful relationship with their body and food, I highly recommend this book. Lisa D. Ellis does a phenomenal job creating a compassionate guide to change, which includes ways to be accountable and bolster self-reflection. As Lisa integrates a systemic approach—family dynamics, physiology, psychology, and nutrition—the content is thoughtful, relatable, and well -organized. Using various interactive tools, such as metaphors, case studies, affirmations, and thought records, Lisa gently encourages readers to identify food messages/associations, alternative beliefs, essential emotions, and evolve perspectives. I appreciated how the information was validating and normalizing. I found this to be a refreshing and thoughtfully planned self-help book, and I was grateful for the humor and the consistent reminders to practice self-kindness!

Laura Vraney – Psy. D.

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