Dietitian and Therapist
Lisa D. Ellis, Author of
WHY DID I Just Eat That?

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Tired of the endless cycle of dieting and restriction?
Feel like your relationship with food is out of control?
Find yourself constantly agonizing over what—and what not—to eat?

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In a world inundated with diet books promising quick fixes through rigid eating strategies,Why Did I Just Eat That? How to Let Go of Emotional Eating and Heal Your Relationship with Food takes a refreshing and compassionate approach to promoting a positive, respectful relationship with food—as well as with your own body.

Meaningful change, after all, can only come from within. Rather than focusing on the battle for control that so many people have with food, Why Did I Just Eat That? empowers its readers to build a positive and nurturing relationship with what—and how—we eat.

Lisa D. Ellis is masterful at conveying the necessary information to make fundamental, long-term, and meaningful change toward transforming our relationship with food. Her case studies, exercises, worksheets and activities are both user-friendly, informative, and facilitate true healing. Every part in Why Did I Just Eat That? includes incredible tips, strategies, and insights to change behavior and habits. She helps to create a path for her readers toward self-love, self-compassion, personal empowerment, and honoring who we are. I am elated for this book to be out there. Lisa truly hit the mark and so many people will undoubtedly benefit.

Michelle Maidenberg – Ph.D., MPH, LCSW-R, CGP

Author of Free Your Child from Overeating: A Handbook for Helping Kids and Teens and ACE Your Life: Unleash Your Best Self and Live the Life You Want

Lisa D. Ellis’s Why Did I Just Eat That? is a beacon of understanding and support for those seeking to heal their relationship with food. With non-judgmental wisdom, she creates a safe space for readers to explore their eating issues and discover a path toward self-compassion, empowerment, and positive change.”

Stacy Salob – MD